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Space & time

Moreover, it is perhaps because space was not considered in situ that those space-time geometries (which are actually geometries of points of view, made by distance, and light) have burgeoned. And behind these local distortions of points of view, as interesting as they can be, we always find the abstract, traditional separation of concepts which is here proven wrong. (3) There is, as such, a universal simultaneity (with light at a certain point of its travel, incidentally) To validate the proposition of space in situation with its underlying implications must initially require the potential to grasp the traditional understanding of space in an unorthodox presentation where it may be put in a frame of reference capable of projecting or conveying its imperceptible dynamic property. ...
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SPACE IN SITUATION Our purpose is to consider space in situation, as opposed to abstractly. This means to identify what is present spatially (the ‘presence’) to what is present temporally. In other words, to think the whole space as ‘standing’ solely in the present and explain why this conception has remained counterintuitive…
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