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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Plato’s Response to Aristotle’s Criticism and the Discovery of Oneness as an Inherent Feature of “Forms” How Plato would respond to Aristotle’s criticisms necessarily depends on two things; first, he would need to respond to the limitations of Aristotle’s objective knowledge about physical realities and secondly, he could explain how effectively his theory of knowledge provides solutions to those limitations.


An in-depth analysis of Aristotle’s criticism of Plato will necessarily reveal that, in some cases, Aristotle has failed to perceive the heart of Platonic concept of ‘form’. In other cases, it seems that Plato himself failed to predict oppositions such Aristotle’s criticisms and, therefore, to add some reasonable tenets to the concept of ‘form’. For example, he could say that Forms are the replications of the One and Oneness, and as the terms, ‘one’ and ‘many’, are meaningless without one another, ‘form’ and ‘particulars’ are meaningless without each other. For human cognitive process, both are simultaneously necessary, though ‘form’ precedes physical reality, as one precedes many. Indeed, these tenets are inherent to the idea of ‘form’ and they need not be invented; rather they need to be discovered. ...
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