Theory of Mind: Eliminative Materialism

Theory of Mind: Eliminative Materialism Essay example
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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Eliminative Materialism The present paper looks for elaborating the eliminative materialism perspective of mind by making its comparative analysis with Cartesian dualism articulated by Rene Descartes and reductive materialism theory of mind attributed to the psychologist E.G.


One of the most imperative claims made by eliminative materialism is this that the humans are unable to comprehend with the realities existing all around them just by depending upon the common sense humans have universally been gifted with. In simple terms, the existence of the objects could not be viewed as they appear before the eyes (Ramsey, 2013). Consequently, what humans perceive and subsequently conclude on the foundation of their apparent observation and visualizing could be contrary to the real characteristics attributed to the same thing, object or phenomenon in general. Hence, developing an idea, and reaching out the conclusion on the basis of visible image(s) of the objects could not be supported by the eliminative materialism to be the true picture of divergent scenarios altogether. On the contrary, reductive materialism submits to state that the psychological states of affairs associated with the mind could be estimated by deducing the same from mental to physical (Murraffa, 2011). ...
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