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Descartes and hinduism - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Descartes and Hinduism Introduction In his study, Descartes begins his philosophy with doubt and his mechanical doubt was epoch-making. Doubt was Descartes’ way of establishing a foundation of knowledge by discarding the old knowledge and getting rid of prejudices that are not even clear-cut…
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Descartes and hinduism
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Descartes and hinduism

Descartes illustrates the understanding that one thesis is core to the entire tradition that is everything behaved for the sake of certain goal. Descartes mechanistic view of the universe shows that events result from prior events as indicated in scientific theories of past events that are capable predicting future events. Moreover, he manages to show that there is dualism in interactions because mental states like beliefs and desires interact with physical states (Wall 215). In Hinduism, Self does not denote the personal self or rather the soul, which embodies and reincarnates but rather the spirit referred to as Atman. According to Wall (30) “Atman, the spirit of vision is never born and never dies… never-born and eternal…. He does not die when the body dies”. Therefore, Atman is never a personal possession for anyone because it remains the one universal Self for all. Therefore, Atman is one often referred to as Brahman and entails the one endless consciousness in everything. Hindu scriptures continually show that Atman is Brahman and that a person’s Spirit is the Supreme Spirit; as well, the Self is the Supreme self. Atman illustrates that the manifested universe and everything material is an ultimate illusion when viewed from the high perspective and that Self remains a reality. Western: Descartes Descartes believes that he has to find some motive for doubting his prevailing views in order to search for strong basics for his understanding. Everything the meditator accepts as true he came to learn them from or through his senses and acknowledges that senses can deceive although with respect to small objects small or those far away because the sensory knowledge is quite sturdy. Meditation in Descartes is considered as setting the foundation where doubt is used as an influential tool and a foundation of modern skepticism. Reading the first meditation presents skeptical doubts as subject of study on their own and the idea remains that the uncertainties are not probable but a likelihood that is hard to rule out (Wall 215). Skepticism cuts through the core of the western approach and tries to offer certain groundwork of understanding and comprehending the world. On further consideration, the mediator is able to realize that even simple things can be doubted and finds it hard to keep habitual opinions and assumptions of the head. However, by doubting everything, Descartes believed he would at least be certain not to be deceived to untruth by demon (Wall 217). Considering the omnipotent God has the ability of making the conception of mathematics false. Descartes realizes that he is convinced that when dreaming he senses real objects and although present sensations may be images, he manages to indicate that even dream images result from waking experience similar to painting (Wall 215). Even when painters create imaginary creatures, the composite parts are drawn from real things and in case painters create an entirely new thing, at least the colour within the painting is attached to real experience. Therefore, Descartes observes that even though it is possible for him to doubt combined things; he hardly doubts simple and common components from which compounds were constructed. Descartes also points out individuals can doubt studies based on composite things such as medicine, physics or even astronomy; however, Descartes ... Read More
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“Descartes and Hinduism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/philosophy/107781-descartes-and-hinduism.
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