Philosophy in Coaching, comparing coaches

Philosophy in Coaching, comparing coaches Essay example
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Philosophy in Coaching, Comparing Coaches Abstract Philosophy in coaching plays an effective role for coaches on the basis of which, tactical and technical skills along with knowledge are imparted to athletes. Coaches with the assistance of various skills such as effective communication and team management are able to train and improve the performance of athletes.


Philosophy in Coaching, Comparing Coaches Coaches are regarded as the teachers who are entitled with the task of teaching athletes and team members possessing different skill sets. Coaches will impart knowledge and training to athletes, which will make them to perform different activities effectively with greater teamwork. Additionally, coaches will make the athletes aware of the characteristics along with the values that are essential to develop as a successful athlete and individual. In this regard, there are different aspects of coaching philosophy on the basis of which coaches impart their knowledge along with skills to athletes. Coaches should possess different skills, competencies and self-esteem in this respect. Respectively, coaches with different skill sets will be facilitated with the opportunity of imparting athletes with tactical, technical along with life skills. Coaches are also required to possess effective leadership skills. Specially mentioning, there are other certain traits that include self-awareness, self-belief and self-disclosure, assisting coaches to become successful in performing their respective task efficiently (Martens, 1981). ...
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