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Student Name Professor Name Paper Date Applying Marx's Types of Alienation of Students Introduction The students are believed to be suffering from tunnel vision, as the corporate practices are not running according to theoretical perspectives of the classroom.


However, the early exposure to work environment helps the students in landing a job in early career but in the long-run perspective, the students who could have an exceptional mark in academics end up doing ordinary jobs in comparison to their talents and competencies. The student loans are increasing because next generation's commitment towards learning new things but their dreams are known to wither away as they have to work under ruthless management of capitalist investor whose only purpose is to maximize financial returns. Furthermore, academic experts are singing songs to praise participative and collaborative management but in the real corporate world, the managers do not support the notion and because of this reason, the fresh graduates suffer significant and notable levels of psychological and cognitive pressures. At the end, employees learn to cope with the new environment and initiate to forget state of the art managerial concepts while becoming like others. In the light of above discussion, it can be established are argued that firstly, students cannot focus on their studies and become victims of alienation in college then, after completing their academic careers they lose self esteem due to presence of goading and authoritative leadership in the workplace. Thusly, they suffer alienation in colleges and in their professional lives. Thirdly, students and professional are known to suffer alienation at home. ...
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