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In Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion Cleanthes offers an argument for God’s existence that has come to be known as the “Argument from Design.”


This argument is structured around an analogy. Identify what is being compared in this analogy and explain why Cleanthes believes he is justified in this comparison (Hint: Support Cleanthes position by pointing to some relevantly similar characteristics between the two analogues). Philo offers a rebuttal to Cleanthes argument that is based on the analogical structure of Cleanthes’ argument. What is this rebuttal (Note: You need not recreate Philo’s entire argument; a description of how to evaluate an analogical argument and the problem Philo sees with Cleanthes’ argument will suffice)? Finally, I built upon Philo’s rebuttal to Cleanthes using the theory of evolution. Why does evolution present a problem for the “Argument from Design”? An Empiricist philosopher David Hume in his “Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion” justifies the presence of God via rational truths like death, birth, illness, healing mechanism and spiritual being of living beings. He firmly believes that humans accept the rationality of an idea/theory only when they experience it. Hence, the belief mechanism is always supported by realism. Hume gathers enough evidence for his readers to identify the presence of God via his attributes in the universal facts. ...
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