Contemporary ethical challenges and Leadership.

Contemporary ethical challenges and Leadership. Essay example
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[Student’s Name] [Course Number] [Professor’s Name] [Date] Contemporary Ethical challenges and Leadership Ethics is a discipline of philosophy that outlines the right and the wrong moral conduct. It is a study of the moral behaviour of individuals and sets out a code of conduct as to how humans should act in a given situation.


Things which people perceived as wrong in the past are now viewed as tolerable and acceptable. This change in the way people think has brought about numerous challenges which leaders have to face. Moral behaviour was initially judged on the basis of religious teachings. Irrespective of which religion an individual belonged to, the human life was focused on the religious teachings. However with the passage of time, the human focus has shifted from religion. With secular societies and nations being on the rise, religion is not viewed as the fundamental basis of how one should act. Consequently, the error theory and the meta-ethics have developed over time. In the present times, age old principles are not used as the basis of governing a situation. Be it an issue in economy or a problem faced in the business, people consider the present situation and weigh their pros and cons before terming an action as either ethical or unethical. It is believed that times have changed so immensely, that the age old principles do not apply any longer to the issues faced by the people today (Mackie, 110). In a world, where people often do not abide by the rules of religion, it is very important for national leaders to be ethical. Similarly it is very important for business leaders and the executive managers to be ethical. Businesses are run on the basis of trust and ethics. ...
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