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At the age of 11, in 1607, he was sent to the boarding school, La Fleche, a Jesuit institution. He studied many subjects, including, mathematics, science, rhetoric, verbal arts, philosophy, and astronomy. However it was mathematics that most attracted the young Descartes. Although is believed to have received his degree from University of Poiters in civil and canon law between 1615 and 1616, there is a period on and off throughout 1614-1618, where Descartes fell out of the world, many believe that he may have some sort of emotional or mental break-down and was in seclusion n Paris, France (Skirry ). Descartes earliest accomplishments included contributions to the Scientific Revolution. It was he that established the “principle of inertia.” He presented the thinking that the universe, all of nature, and human beings are all a part of one great machine. He, also, established a philosophy called “the mind-body dichotomy” Descartes believed that a person’s mind is a separate entity from the physical body and enters in and out of the body through the pineal gland. This work took Descartes away from mathematics and hard science and into the world of philosophy. He would publish four books that are extremely significant. ...Show more


Your Name Due Date Rene Descartes: Life and Times Joachim Descartes, and, his wife, Jeanne Brochard, welcomed their son, Rene, on March 31, 1596. The Descartes family was quite wealthy; the majority of the relatives were in the fields of medicine or law…
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