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: Plato, Descartes, and The Matrix - Essay Example

It is the prison of the mind. However in movie, the cave is replaced with mental bondage and the story line is more complex than Republic. According to ( Ebert,1999) “In "Matrix," on the other hand, there aren't flesh-and-blood creatures behind the illusion--only a computer program that can think, and learn” In same way, the Descartes also poses the question regarding the question as to the illusion of the existence of world which is the theme in the Movie “Matrix”. Like the movie Descartes argues that artificial intelligence force us to think that we living in reality. In matrix the movie gives us evidence on our false belief of reality and while in Descartes the philosopher is posing a question and pondering on the idea of illusion. 2. Can we prove the world we are experiencing is real? How do we know we are not dreaming, living in a Platonic cave, or trapped in some sort of matrix? Actually, we cannot prove that we are living in a world that is real. How do we know what is real and what is unreal. We are born here without any prior knowledge about this world and we completely rely on our senses to perceive this world. And we scientifically know that our senses are not completely trustable as there are many things happening in this world which is unknown to us. There are so many planets, chemical reactions and creations which we do not understand clearly. We do not know who created us and just live our life as our senses direct. It is possible that we are dreaming as many religious scriptures

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One of the most important philosophical views presented by Descartes is the Method of Doubt, which part of his views. Descartes’ Method of Doubt began with his view that knowledge is private and that everything is constantly in doubt. With this he expressed that there is a continuous quest for disproving doubts about knowledge which can only be acted upon through a man’s reflective thought, thus, man can only trust his own reflective thought.
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Plato and Descartes on the Soul
The issue of the soul has always been a center of interest not only to the early philosopher but still is controversial until this time because as Glaucon had been surprised by Socrates’ statement, “Haven’t your realized that our soul is immortal and never destroyed?
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The three theorists and theories included are: Plato’s Divided Line Theory, Descartes Method of Doubt, and Freud’s Psychoanalysis. The similarities and differences are demonstrated, as well as the reasoning that was used in creating each theory. Plato, Descartes, and Freud’s Take on the Posture of Reason Philosophy was birthed out of the innate longing of human nature to understand the interworking of human thought, action, and purpose.
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Plato through Descartes: Main Problems of Philosophy
It therefore becomes very difficult to have a clear cut difference between Socrates philosophies and Plato’s. The Ontological dualism is one of the philosophies presented by Plato. The philosophy is simply a theory of the ideas. Ontologically speaking, the ideas herein do not only include the real objects but rather, on an epistemological speaking, they comprise authentically objects of knowledge.
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Plato, Descartes, and The Matrix
Nevertheless, although the three sources attempt to ask analogous questions, it is essentially their manner of answering these questions that differentiate them from each other. Plato examines the notion that the real world represents an illusion within the allegory of the cave presented in The Republic.
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Find some analogy in the movie The Matrix to the epistomology/ontology associated with Plato or Descartes and use those scenes
Morpheus is sure referring to the Matrix as the dream world, as he is certain that the real world exists, which what makes Plato’s point to hold true that we cannot claim that we know something if we also claim that we do not believe it (Author 41). Morpheus believes that Neo is a slave as far as the Matrix exists.
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Plato, St.Thomas, Descartes
This also creates a need of a power which is practiced by the substance of human person in authority. Some of clarification by philosophers or theologians has made it evident that human person can be defined as a relationship between mind and body or soul and body.
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Plato and Descartes theories
They therefore came up with a rationalistic theory of knowledge which declares that absolutely certain knowledge cannot be acquired through sense experience but
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Mini-Essay Philosophy of Human Nature Plato, Aristotle, Descartes and Kant
The reason is, among many things, one puzzling thing about human nature is its complexity. It would be easier to understand the human nature if we just consider this creature a creature of habit, but it is not
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Philosophy In The Matrix Movies
Neo's computers send him encoded messages on his monitor, which he tries to decipher only to be sucked into a virtual realm. Neo starts to look for an indefinable leader called Morpheus who heads an underground resistance group. Neo finds Morpheus who teaches him the difference between this virtual realm and the reality he is used to.
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do argue that our senses are unreal and is just physical and cannot understand the cosmic reality of universe and spirits. We could be living in a dream as Plato suggest because like a dream it is colorful as long as we are living and can end any moment without our notice. 3. At the end of the cave allegory, Socrates implies that most men would want to escape the cave and see reality as it really is. However, in his betrayal of Morpheus, Cypher implies that it is better to live in the artificial world of the Matrix. Which is better: the harshness of reality or the “ignorance is bliss” of illusion? Defend your answer. Reality is good, but when the harshness come into play it is better to resort to the “ignorance of bliss” illusion. We live in this world not to suffer but to enjoy life and if the reality can give us unhappiness then it is not worth living. Even though the artificial world of Matrix is unnatural, it gives us pleasure. However, it is the wish of every man to know the reality but experiencing it would not be every man’s choice. Naturally, human have the tendency to lean towards pleasure and happiness. So it is most likely that all would want to live in artificial world than the one filled with harshness and pain. If we live in reality or in artificial world, in the end we would die. Death is inevitable in both worlds, so it is better to enjoy and then die rather than living a life of death and again confronting death. So it could be well said that matrix life of artificial world better than the real world filled with harshness. 4. Since much of our knowledge is based on sense experience, and since our senses are imperfect and can be deceived, can we ever be certain that our beliefs are true? Defend or explain your answer. Our senses are imperfect and all our beliefs have shaped through experience and these beliefs are imperfect due to this fact. We do not


1. Compare and contrast The Matrix with the readings from Plato and Descartes. What are some similarities and differences? The Matrix is a new adaptation of “Republic” by Plato as both reveals about the truth of reality. Just like the people in the cave, the hero of the movie “Matrix” is chained to the walls where machines work on his body’s heat to power themselves…
Author : lilianankunding
Essay : Plato, Descartes, and The Matrix
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