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Name of Student Name of Course Name of Instructor Date Preference to Normal over Disabled under QALY Based Allocation Equality states that each human being must be treated equally on all levels and the bias must be minimized to the minimum. However, with the advent of the Modern age, the world has been bombarded with an increase in population and problems that demand a solution and sometimes it is like choosing between the devil and the deep sea.


This paper is aimed at proving that preferring a normal person over a disabled one through QALY tests is just. The above statement might instigate uproar because they say that QALY is biased as they favor younger and healthier people over chronically ill and disabled people. The probable rebuttal can be explained through an example. If three people have a car accident and the doctor’s can save only one, what are they going to do then? The doctors can come to the conclusion by looking at the health states of the patients. Consider that only one of them is physically fit and is 18 years old, the other is blind and 22 years old and the last one is chronically ill and 40 years old. The doctors need to make a hard choice nevertheless but they have limited resources. Hence, the doctors will try to save the physically fit, 18 years old patient who has a promise to life, the other two patient might not prove to be as beneficial to the society as this patient can be. Hence, Darwinian Theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ re-emerges. ...
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