Do smartphones make people antisocial?

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Name Institution Course Date Smart Phones Make People Antisocial Gartner an analyst provided smart phone definition as “A large-screen, data-centric, handheld device designed to offer complete phone functions whilst simultaneously functioning as a personal digital assistant (PDA)” (Himmelsbach 1).


This means there is an application for everything that needs to be done by a mobile phone user (Pagani 51). This has made people to highly depend on smart phones in their day to day activities creating a form of mental and psychological slavery that deter them from naturally interacting with other people in the society as the case before the development of smart phones Smart phones have brought forward interactive games that result to heavy obsession that makes one ignore those close to him/her. It creates an uglier social environment when everyone gets busy tapping the smart phone. The combination of interactive technology into a smart phone has made people to bring out the worst of their inner self by displaying their antisocial qualities. People persistently check on their smart phone if something has occurred while disregarding the life that is going on around them (May & Greg 197). Our social interactions have been greatly affected by the excess use of Smartphone. They have provided us every reason to stop interacting with our peers with numerous applications that can now be hosted on the android platform. ...
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