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Radical Feminist Movement: In her paper labeled as “Philosophers against the Family”, Sommers criticizes modern feminist philosophers disliking their approaches to empower women around the world. In this essay, I will explicate and evaluate the argument posed by Sommers in which she maintains that the average American family is in danger because of many modern feminist philosophers.


I will also discuss the issue of an average woman’s needs and if they set in contrast with the elitist radical movement which concentrates on furthering wrong ideas. Finally, I will examine one objection raised by Marilyn Friedman on the subject of modern feminist ideology to estimate the extent to which Sommer’s position on the same subject could be held viable. First issue raised by Sommers in her argument refers to how unfortunate is it that a false contrast is created between sexism and assimilation by radical feminists. This false contrast serves to prevail the misleading feeling as if there were nothing in between the notions of sexism and integration. She strongly argues against this popular view promoted by many modern philosophers that all women are controlled by more powerful men in one way or another. She clearly rejects the idea of male dominance and does not favor it, but she stresses on telling black from white and appreciate the mockery of radical feminism which is totally oblivious to an ordinary woman of the middle ground. ...
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