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Love and Desire Essay-A Sober Approach to Gender Equity Name: Institution: Thesis: A Sober Approach to Gender Equity Christine Hoff Sommers is perhaps one of the most rational feminists, although her views were largely disregarded by the radical feminists who to date look at her as an anti-feminist.


It was more of an attempt to subject men to women. Sommers recognized this and rose against it as subjection was not the aim but assimilation and equitable distribution of resources and opportunities across all sexes. There is perhaps no single statement that captures her ideas in entirety as the provided argument. This study seeks to explicate the meaning of her argument and the means she uses to present this argument. At the same time, the study also attempts to offer a personal view on the accuracy, and persuasiveness of the reasons she offers in support of her conclusions. Additionally, the study also traces the quality and accuracy of her argument when representing the views of an average woman and while discrediting the views of radical feminists. Lastly, we weigh her view against a probable response or view by staunch radical feminists such as Marilyn Friedman. In general, the study hopes to dissect her thoughts and weigh them against common thoughts and ideas on feminism as a means of cultivating a sober approach towards achieving gender equity. As a start, it is important to understand Sommers argument. This is one that starts with discrediting the views of radical feminists who consider feminism as a representation of two extremes, sexism and assimilation. ...
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