What Survives after death?

What Survives after death? Essay example
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Thoughts on life after death are generally divided into two differing opinions: skeptic or believer. The former insist that people cease to exist once they die and that there is nothing past the material realm.


Skeptics argue that consciousness is merely a fabrication of the brain, and near-death experiences (NDEs) are fantasies created by the brain. Believers, in contrast, insist that there is survival after death. Many researchers have explained this idea that survival after death exists in a non-physical state where our souls take over and continues as the human body and the brain are not the sole determinants of our existence that is, we have a conscience; nonetheless, others believe that once we die we cease to exist as there is nothing past the material realm. Apparently, for the Catholic Church, the notion of life after death is embedded within the innermost part of the core teaching of the Church. There is the belief that the deeds here on earth will largely determine fate in the afterlife. For instance, if the person had been faithful and was a good person in his lifetime, there is a greater chance that he will be adjudged worthy of entering heaven and be reunited with God. Nevertheless, this is only one of the countless interpretations and conjectures about what happens to a person when he dies. ...
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