Explain and critically assess Frankfurt's distinction between bullshitting and lying

Explain and critically assess Frankfurt
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FRANKFURT’S DISTINCTION BETWEEN BULLSHITTING AND LYING Name Course Professor Institution Date Submitted Frankfurt’s Distinction between Bullshitting and Lying Relaying wrong information about a person, event or act can take different approaches. Whereas some people may intentionally convey the wrong figures and distorted facts with malicious intents, others present misleading arguments for sheer lack of proper knowledge.


In bullshit there is no knowledge of truth (Frankfurt, 2005, p. 43). A bullshitter lacks proper knowledge to support the statement he makes. The different situations in our multi-agent systems and human culture give strong support for bullshit. This research is meant to analyze particular problems regarding to reasoning in the social context. Bullshit is one of the most salient features in our culture. Everyone knows and contributes to it but takes the situation for granted. The majority of people are confident in their ability to recognize bullshit and avoid being caught up in it (Frankfurt, 2005, p. 21). This phenomenon has not raised much inquiry so people fail to understand what it is, why it there or what functions it serves. We lack a conscious appreciation of its relevance to us. Frankfurt analyses three categories of dishonesty which are weaker from plain lies but not less harmful in distorting knowledge in a common setting. A lie is the utterance of statement from a speaker which he clearly knows not to be true. In our social life, it very common for people to make statement or talk of things they have no proper knowledge of. It usually out of curiosity or to appear knowledgeable even when one is not. This is termed as bullshit since one has no knowledge of correct information. ...
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