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Philosophy Student’s name Institution The main conclusion of the easy The philosopher argues that for an individual to have a decent life he/she must know the purpose of living not only life, the philosopher views people who are not attached to any religious believe will never find comfort or support feeling of meaning and purpose to their lives.


They are motivated and have directions with clear mission in life. Religious people are the only ones to feel comfort through their supernatural powers where their involved in religious practices to seek divine interventions, from their practices such as prayers. Through these activities they believe that their goals will be achievable as they work under these motivation aspects to achieve their goals. Non religious are viewed as people who will only feel comfortable when the things they care about overcome challenges on them and prevail their success, that the only thing that can bring meaning to their life. The Relationship between the religious people and non religious is that all groups have to work under certain motivation factors to gain comfort, by committing themselves to things they care about such as, promising careers, their families and material things to support their satisfaction in life. Even though, they have different capabilities and approaches to achieve them. Religious people may seek supernatural assistance to overcome their challenges while the non religious have to come up with new things to counter the challenges they face every day in their life... ...
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