Substance dualism is necessary for beings to have free will

Substance dualism is necessary for beings to have free will Essay example
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Name Instructor Course Date Substance Dualism is Necessary for Beings to Have Free Will According to Renee Descartes, the subject of substance dualism implicitly rests on the presupposition that the essence of the mind is in thought while body’s is extension, this implies a duality of essences correspondent to a duality of substances.


Therefore, the mind can be distinctly perceived as a whole autonomous entity that does not pertain an extension, correspondingly, the body can also be though as an extension that pertains no element of thought meaning that God could enable the two to exist distinctly from each other, ergo the mind and body are actually distinct from each other. Concisely, Descartes is really trying to make the point that the mind and body are two entirely different entities each set for its own purpose; the mind is a thinking thing that exists in the abstract devoid of physical attributes such as size shape or color while the body is a non-thinking thing that is bound and limited by the laws of physics. Free will on the other hand can be defined as the inherent capacity to make autonomous choices without being constrained or manipulated by any external limitations, these factors range from physical constrains such as imprisonment to metaphysical and logical factors social psychological ones. ...
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