Is the world inside Video game should running some law and limitation as the real world.?

Is the world inside Video game should running some law and limitation as the real world.? Essay example
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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Video game ethics Video games have become an essential part of the contemporary society as most youths use such as their part times. Developers of such products on the other hand exploit the ever-increasing demand for the products thus continue to develop diverse video games.


In the video games virtual societies, the players must comply with specific rules and laws that seek to make the games more engaging. Failure to comply with some of such rules earns the players various punishments that range from point deductions and eventual ejection from the completion. The fact that the video games are increasingly becoming common among the modern societies and the fact that they seek to portray the nature of the contemporary society makes the design and the application of the laws and regulations a contentious issue. The developers of the games employ regulations that make the games more engaging without considering the implications of such rules and laws in the real society. In most games such as need for speed, the player drives a racing car capable of withstanding some of the worst car crushes. Additionally, in the game traffic rules are relative with the infractions such as ramming onto a police car and resisting arrest earning one more points that are complimentary. Addiction to such games has effects on the peace and stability in the real world since some of such laws apply in the real world. Furthermore, in real world a car crush may turn fatal depending on the intensity of the crash. ...
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