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Aristotle argues in Book VIII of the Nicomachean Ethics that friendships based upon utility or pleasures are not enduring. Aristotle bases his arguments upon certain premises that aim at proving his arguments.


Aristotle points out that nature of causes determines the nature of the causes’ objectives and the friendships differ in species (Aristotle, 78). Aristotle claims that to love for pleasure is only to love for utility as love for utility x while mean an individual loves x for pleasure (Pangle 56). Accordingly, utility varies with each individual, as older people are more inclined to seeking utility relationships (Aristotle, 1156a25). In this case, Aristotle clarifies that what is relative is not enduring. Aristotle defends his argument by outlining that This essay will explore the strengths of objections to the argument in order to confirm Aristotle argument on the nature of true friendships. Objectors to key premises Opponents of Aristotle argument outline that relationships develop after a long period of time and long-term relationships are more meaningful than short-term relationships. In this case, objectors point out those individuals who take time to form intimate and closer relationships will avoid the temptations of pleasurable and transitory relationships that entail utility considerations. The opponents assert that life is ever-changing with new forms of friendships thus individuals must aim at attaining satisfactory at every day. The objectors assert that the nature of certain relationships entail unequal exchanges and the amount of love must be equivalent to proportion to the utility obtained by each person. ...
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