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God is omnipotent - Essay Example

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This paper is a philosophy and an argumentative essay that attests a believer perspective on the issue of God is omnipotent. To analyze the topic, first of all, the author of this essay attempt to seek bible’s perspective of the matter…
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God is omnipotent
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God is omnipotent

This research will begin with the definition of omnipotent and evil. The word omnipotent is derived from Omni- denoting “all” and potent referring to “power.” As to obtain in attributes of omnipresence and omniscience and, it subsequent that, if God is immeasurable, and if He is supreme ruler, which believers know He is, then He ought to also be omnipotent. God has all authority over all creatures and things at all times and in all manners. On this basis, it is right to question why evil exists while the creator of everything is so good. In the philosophy of religion or believers, the predicament of evil is the issue of how to resolve the reality of evil with that of a divinity that is, in either relative or absolute expression, omniscient, omnipotent, or omnibenevolent.  This is an argument from the evil effort to demonstrate that the co-existence of wickedness and such a deity is improbable or unworkable if placed in total terms. Efforts to show the divergent have conventionally been debated under the heading of theodicy. A wide variety of responses have been provided to the predicament of evil. These comprise the clarification that God's works of creation as articulated in the Pentateuch and God’s act of verdict are the identical act. God's disapproval of evil is supposed to be expressed and executed in his created universe; a judgment that is inexorable due to God's all potent, self-originated determination; a stable and eternal verdict that becomes proclaimed and communicated to other individuals on Judgment Day....
The problem of evil existence while God is all powerful has made many critics dispute the omnipotence of God. However, according to theology God’s omnipotence is revealed many times in the bible. This is revealed when Job spoke of God’s authority as illustrated in verse two of chapter 42. Job wrote that he knew that God is able to do all and that no strategy of God can be stopped. Job was admitting God’s omnipotence in executing His plans. Moses also was told by God that He had every authority to finish His purposes concerning the Israelites: this is illustrated when the LORD asked Moses whether Lord’s arm was too short. The Lord demonstrated his power to Moses and Israelites in many occasions and many ways. Creation story reveals God’s omnipotence than any other place in the bible. Nowhere is God’s omnipotence demonstrated more obviously than in creation. God commanded creation by uttering words such as “Let there be” it happened according to Genesis 1:3, 6, and 9. Man requires tools and materials to generate or develop; God simply uttered words, and by the power of His utterance, all things were created from void. It is written that by the God’s word were the heavens developed, their glittery host by the breath of God’s mouth according to Psalm 33:6. Lord’s power is also demonstrated in the conservation of His creation. All existence on earth would die were it not for His persistent provision of all creations require for food, shelter and clothing, all from renewable materials sustained by His authority as the conserver and preserver of human being and beast (Psalm 36:6). The water bodies (seas), which enclose most of the universe, and over which people and other creations are ... Read More
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