The Epistmology of Conspiracy Theories

The Epistmology of Conspiracy Theories Essay example
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Name Instructor Course Date Conspiracy Theories A conspiracy is a hidden plan by an individual or group of people to act or do something that is harmful or unlawful. The individual or group of people usually do such harmful acts for their own benefits but hide them in such a way that the public cannot understand.


What exists about such events is only fantasizing of what might have been the cause. There are various such conspiracies in the world. The first one concerns the source of Human Immunodeficiency Virus that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. People speculate that it was a product of Soviet or American biological warfare and that it was released either with or without the knowledge of the scientist who made it. People were also not aware that such virus existed. The second conspiracy concerns extraterrestrials that frequently visited the earth with the intention of killing cows and human beings. The memories of these individuals and animals are then erased from our memories such that forget them forever (Keeley 6). The third conspiracy explains that there once had a good transport system in Los Angeles city which was made up of street cars. In 1930 to 1940, car manufactures, rubber makers and oil marketers formed a conspiracy group that distracted this transport system. The intention of the group was to turn the city’s transport system into an automobile type. It, therefore, made large sales by selling such automobiles. The fourth conspiracy is that of “Trans World Airlines Flight 800.” The plane was accidentally sunk into the sea by a United State navy missile. ...
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