Euthanasia or assisted dying issues

Euthanasia or assisted dying issues Essay example
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Name: Course: Tutor: Institution: Date: Introduction In looking at the case of Terry Schiavo was a legalized struggle that had to with long life support in the United States that occurred from the year of 1990 to the year of 2005. It is important to highlight that the case here was on the following of the strategies of the stopping the support of her life.


She suffered from a condition that was so much in the heart (Daniel 2012). The deficiency of oxygen led to her big brain devastation or rather brain damage and thereafter the doctors vindicated that she suffered from vegetative state. The deficiency resulted from the heart malfunction that she developed so there was no proper intake of oxygen by the required blood vessel that is originating from the heart. The doctors’ report was after they had conducted several tests on her. The doctors were quite optimistic and hoped for the best for her. They tried several types of therapy ranging from speech and physical therapy as well as other experimental therapies. They thought that they would bring her back into a normal mental state. When the years passed by until 1998, Michael the husband to Terry filed a case in court for the removal of the feeding tube that was being used in the administration of food to his wife (David 2008). This was a petition that was highly rejected so much by the parents, who reasoned and maintained a firm stand that their daughter was not mentally ill. The court again came in with their own ascertainment that Terry does not prefer to continue with the exercises that are making her life longer. ...
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