Why the approach of Radical Feminism to prostitution is most superior? - Essay Example

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Why the approach of Radical Feminism to prostitution is most superior?

While some see no problem with prostitution and defend it, others strongly call for the force of law to dispel this horrendous activity which has grave social repercussions. Many approaches have been identified by scholars over the years to understand and analyze the issue of prostitution. The three key approaches identified by Jaggar in her paper are related to liberalism, radical feminism, and classical Marxism. Each one of these approaches is comprehensively explicated and related to prostitution to analyze the merits offered by all three. My argument is this essay is that of all three approaches, radical feminism is the most preferable approach to prostitution because I believe that the women who engage in this practice do not engage out of free will, but are forced to do so being victims of oppression. To clarify this argument, I will start by briefly discussing the theme of both the liberal and Marxist approaches first and then I will scrutinize my preferred approach at length to prove why it is better. I will also include one objection to my position on this subject. According to the liberal approach as discussed by Jaggar, considering the practice of prostitution illegal or offensive is both a conservative and objectionable ideology. ...
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“Prostitution” is a highly insightful and thought-provoking article authored by Alison Jaggar. There are many hidden aspects of this issue which need to be explored properly to solve certain complex riddles which have been the source of discomfort for quite long now. …
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