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My five categories - Essay Example


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My five categories

The fact is, real is genuine, or what someone can lean on safely, or rather the reliable. Its opposite is that which cannot be reliable, fake or untrustworthy. On other hand, philosophy of freedom precedes existence. This is according to Berdyaev, who further asserts that since freedom precedes existence, this concept is placed on highest metaphysical level. In his religious belief, where his freedom is tired, Berdyaev believes that God is present only in freedom. In summary, this is act or ability to actually think and act independently, in relation to the possibility of modern consciousness. Considering ethics, according to philosopher Berdyaev he affirms that ethics is the backbone of philosophy since it is concerned with sin, which is the origin of moral and evil. He generalizes this issue by saying ethics is a philosophy of freedom. Considering Epistemology, it makes sense to note that it is a philosophy that deals with knowledge. Its main concern is the definition of knowledge, its source the process of getting or rather acquiring it and its limitations. According to experts, they affirm that the philosophy of epistemology can be obtained via reasons or experience. Finally, self in philosophy concerns knowledge, of people’s or one’s particular mental states, including ones’ desires, beliefs as well as sensations. That is why, Descartes, on of the known philosophers affirms that knowledge of self is pertinent from the realm knowledge. Now having outlined the above category, the philosophy

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of self is what describes me as a philosopher since it deals or rather it touches the essential qualities that a person distinct himself from another one. In other words, it narrates a unified being, which also is a source of consciousness. According to me as a philosopher, it is of no offense if I say knowledge modes are actually purified separately of the object matter. Moreover, with this, one can identify other imaginable person who actually casts out human consciousness into certain specific epistemological premises. In this regard, I assert that the first knowledge task is the knowledge of premises or rather to know one criterion. The same phenomenon if illustrated by Hillman. On the hand, I am also of the idea that soul is a substance and that my soul is actually distinct from my personal body. With that, I argue that this soul can actually survive or rather exist without the body. I therefore acknowledge the pertinence of God, in my soul. By so doing, I think that body can actually perish, however the mind is immortal by nature. I further admit that I or anyone else cannot create God, and so understanding that God is the creator, I admit that God did put thoughts into my head. With that, I value the fact that God exists and so, I rely on the philosophy of trusting and believing in God (Solomon 12). To grown it all, I can say I believe in, and at the same time, I believe that my existence indicates or rather proves the existence of God. At the end, with all the above, God being my creator, and who gave me power to think, I submit that I got all this understanding to God. With that, I acknowledge healing fiction. These are the two philosophers, who are more the same like me, and so we are related philosophically. “The truth of the matter when it comes to philosophical thinking of God is that, according to Descartes and Hillman, we are God’


Name Professor Course Date Philosophy Those individuals who love to pursue wisdom by the means in an intellectual manner are regarded as philosophers. On the other hand, philosophy entails academic discipline that concerns the rational investigation of structure of reality and nature…
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My five categories essay example
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