My Own Personal Philosophy

My Own Personal Philosophy Essay example
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Philosophy is all about our beliefs and attitudes about us and also the world. I will choose mainly five categories to show what I belief about them. These are freedom, self, ethics, epistemology and reality.


Most of us believe that freedom is one of the most advantageous things on earth. It is an ingredient of a good life or the good life itself. Some of us may live their lives fighting for freedom. According to Immanuel Kant a German philosopher, freedom is not only a presupposition of a good life but also a logical prerequisite for morality and moral responsibility. If we were not free to act whether rightly or wrongly, then it would be senseless to hold us responsible for what we do or undertake. Kant argues that without freedom morality would not exist and life would not be worth living at all. After all, a person is not blamed for obeying the law of gravity. he or she is not told what he ought to do. Culturally, freedom separates man from the beasts and raises him above nature (Robert 530- 607). Our conceptions of self vary not only for people and cultures but also in different contexts from time to time. What is important to us and other people depend on the context in which we are explaining whom we are. There is still a real self within us that does not vary from context to context. ...
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