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Insert name Insert name of the course instructor Insert name of the course Insert date assignment is due Leopold’s Land Ethic According to Leopold, coexistent of both human and non human community is essential for the balance of ecosystem and is imperative for the existence of planet earth.


Overview of Leopold’s land ethics Leopold states that it is imperative to incorporate human beings and non human factors of the ecosystem when developing ethical standards. As such, the collectivity of human and non human elements of the ecosystem is referred to as land. The ethics developed as a result of the human and non human collectivity within the ecosystem is referred to as land ethics. According to him, the principle of land ethics is aimed at preserving the beauty, stability and integrity of the biotic community and so anything, action or view that tends to counteract this opinion is considered to be wrong. In his view, the intention of land ethics is to increase the boundary of the community from one that incorporates only human beings to that which includes waters, animals, plants and soils. The land ethics shifts the Homo sapiens’ roles from being conquerors to being citizens of the land community. Respect for the land community is vital for sustainable and stable ecosystem. ...
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