Beauvoir's second sex

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Name Institution Date In volume 2 of Beauvoir’s books, the focus is on her life experiences. She hold a view that girls are often treated disguisedly right from their childhood and that the society often give them a lesser position identity right from their childhood stage.


She notes that because of treatment, where a girl grows understanding that she is destined to do house chores, a girl grows up without “innate maternal instinct”. Basing on the way the society handles the two genders, a girl is made to grow believing in and worshiping a male god and creating imagery adult lovers. Beauvoir views the discovery of sex by women as a painful phenomenon. When it comes to sex, the society has made men the masters of the world’s revelation. Beauvoir notes that one of the hardest experiences in a girl’s life is puberty stage. She describes the way a girl in her late teens come to accept her “femininity”. According to her a girl may do this by running away from home, by stealing or following nature. In chapter 2 of this book titled “Situation” Beauvoir demonstrates that women are equally looked down upon in marriage and that she is always playing a role of satisfying the sexual desires of a man. She emphasizes that in marriage setting the role of a woman as a house keeper/cleaner is evident of the servant hood role women are made to play. She says that the dignity of women is compromised in a marriage setting and as often the case, women can only find dignity by accepting her role in providing bed “services” and “housework services”. ...
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