Personal Identity & Immortality

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Name Course Tutor Date Personal Identity & Immortality Meaning of Personal Identity Personal identity is concerned with questions that arise about human in most issues that relate to life, death and life after death. Most of the questions that arise due to personal identity are concerned life and death and related issues.


Millers main line of argument is that there is a correlation between body and soul and that even if the body dies, the soul may continue to live. Weiroib disputed this by asserting that there is no evidence that the soul exist and therefore we should not easily assume that something we know not of its existence will help us survive after we are dead (Perry 397). Here, miller tries to ask his friend if he can prove that he is the same person he ate lunch with last week to enable him see the sense of his claims of life after death. This is based from the fact that the other week they were at lunch siting opposite each other on the table and communicating with each other. This example brings in an important fact that miller was not aware of that soul if immaterial and therefore one should not conclude that the soul you met last time is the same soul you are meeting today. When Miller claims that he is the same person he saw last week, he gives Weirob a chance to prove to him that what he saw was just the body and therefore, the claim that the soul exist cannot easily be substantiated. The caramel example is used to by Miller in his desperate attempts to show that there is a link between body and soul of a person. This view of however criticized by when Weirob asserts that there is no link between the body and the soul of human beings. ...
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