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Further, Derrida asserts that “all of these aspects are linked with presence and more valued or treasured aspect than the other, which is connected with absence” (Derrida 33). Deconstruction theory presents the metaphysics of presence by locating its ideal binary oppositions and illustrating the speciousness of their order by refuting the potentiality of understanding the superior or powerful element of the hierarchy or order in the absence of its inferior or less powerful counterpart. Refuting an inner or intrinsic and absolute implication or meaning to one of the aspects of the order or hierarchy ‘diffarence’ is unraveled. In this case, Derrida asserts that difference refers to the perceptual sequence of contacts between existence or presence and absence. In this sense, an idea is constructed, understood, and located in terms of what it is not and self-efficient implication is never attained. It is important to note that Western language and thought have always been at the center of in determining absolute truth. This presents hurdles or limits on what humans can think or believe. It offers a platform for existence or being and for knowing (how people think). Deconstruction theory failed to identify if God plays a role in determining the absolute truth, which neglects the concepts of uncertainties. Instead, Derrida states that any concept of a fixed center was a structure or configuration of authority imposed on people by their past or by societal institutions (Silverman 44-45). Derrida’s deconstruction theory aimed to call for re-evaluation and re-assessment of all western ideas and values founded on the Kantian critique of human though or reason. Deconstruction principles were built on elemental oppositions, which all dialogue has to highlight if it aims to make reasonable arguments and sound decisions. This is because identity is perceived as constructs, which are in a position to generate meaning via the interplay of difference within a scheme of different signs (Derrida 111). Critique of post structuralism movement Post modernist philosophers such as Nietzsche believed that the earth is full of disorder or confusion and it has no objective or aim. Post structuralism refutes the concept of a literary text containing a solitary purpose or meaning or a single being or existence. Instead, post structuralism advocates that every person or reader establish a new and personal meaning, purpose, and being/existence for any given text. Post structuralism has been criticized for the failure to address questions from a realist perception. Post structuralism does little to explain the self-reflective celebration, which gives an individual the freedom to decide and choose any or all subject positions. Post structuralism dismisses the ability of people to learn and understand the world as an entirety on the basis that it is a contemptible effort to construct or constitute grand narratives (Besley 65-69). Derridian ideas reject these arguments and assert that people should be given opportunity to reason or think for themselves. Foucault and his views as a post structuralist and what he says about language or feminism Foucault based his arguments about post structuralism ...Show more


Instructor Date Derrida and deconstruction theories Jacques Derrida was a philosopher from France. He is known for establishing a form of semiotic assessment and evaluation referred to as deconstruction. In addition, he is linked with postmodern and post structuralism philosophy…
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