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Searle's Theory

This action occurs in a perfect manner such that the people outside the room begin to believe that actually the person understands Chinese. The same experiment is performed by a computer that applies syntax program to manipulate Chinese Language despite the fact that the computer may not comprehend the language. The Theory in regard to Syntax Manipulation To begin with, Searle does not show anywhere in his theory that Syntax manipulation does not involve any form of thinking nor does he suggest anywhere that Syntax manipulation entails thinking. However, a clear conclusion that can be derived from his argument is that the fact that a computer can manipulate certain functions to produce desired results is not a reason to conclude that it can understand certain issues. Personal Opinion in relation to Searle’s Theory Taking a careful analysis of Searle’s argument, it is quite evident that his argument is correct. To begin with, any computerized technology utilized in the contemporary generation is made and designed and by man. This entails that any application in the computer, is designed in a manner that is satisfy specific human needs. ...
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Searle’s Theory (Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Searle’s Theory in regard to Syntax Manipulation Introduction One of the major theories and ideologies presented by John Searle is the Chinese Room Argument. This argument is based on the ideology that there can never be any form of artificial or man-made form of intelligence in real life (Jackson, 23)…
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