Aquinas' Endless Time Theory integrated with Men in Black

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Men in Black ends with the camera zooming and we are seeing the earth and the entire galaxy within the universe. There is nothing apart from the equivalent atom in a circle belonging to several aliens.


This is a dimension with several scales that assists the whole universe to fit into the marble of an alien, within a larger universe. This is still within a similar alien locker and dimension. The alien locker is thus, a container for the entire dimension and its door enters a closed dimension within one of its own smaller scales. Basically, the alien locker is dimensionally transcendental similarly to Doctor whose tardis, with an interior which exists in several different dimensions compared to the exterior. Therefore, it has the ability to have different sizes on the outside and the inside (Stump and Padgett 163). According to Aquinas, the pattern of the sky has occasionally been a source on contradiction and wonder. In response to mysteries that human being experience in the course of their lives, answers to these questions are being sought. The seemingly unsubstantial clouds gliding the way through vision of human beings are heavy-laden with answers and secrets of the ending of the earth. These usually come in form of visions to human beings and are only delivered to them when they are prepared to receive the message. The integration comes in that, in Men in Black, the most obvious and significant features of the universe is not valued, but taken for granted. Sometimes these features are entirely ignored as people go about their daily business in the film. This makes 'truth' a major theme in Men in Black as people are always accustomed to early things as it is the place where they live. According to Aquinas, these obvious features heavily contain truths which are similar to any occult wisdom which requires keenness for a better understanding. ...
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