The Epistemology of Conspiracy Theories

The Epistemology of Conspiracy Theories Essay example
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The epistemology of conspiracy theories An explication of Keeley's essay on 'Of conspiracy theories' Name: Student number: Title of essay: Name of course: Name of instructor: Name of teaching assistant: Date: The epistemology of conspiracy theories: An explication of Keeley's essay on 'Of conspiracy theories' In his essay titled 'Of consipiracy theories', the author Brian Keeley discusses certain epistemological issues pertaining to conspiracy theories.


Moreover, it is assumed that the conspiracy is carried out in secret otherwise other people would be in a position to prevent them being successful. The epistemological concern of the author is with such conspiracy theories as described above, as distinct from those that do not pose a similar epistemological concern due to not pertaining to events with nefarious objectives and not being organized to be kept secret for long. On the other hand, it is acknowledged that these distinctions alone do not help to distinguish clearly between those conspiracy theories that are unwarranted and those that are warranted, as was demonstrated for example with the Iran-Contra Affair. ...
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