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Stereotypes Name University Stereotypes Stereotyping is referred to as an overgeneralized and distorted insolence held by individuals to other individuals. This insolence is mostly disapproving and judgmental. Stereotyping occurs when an individual assent partial or one-sided facts and believe then as actual details or opinion.


In the modern world, man people especially in the developed countries have ended up being obese or overweight as a result of unhealthy eating habits. This stereotype has negative effects on obese or overweight individuals. This can be considered a negative labeling on these individuals. Stereotyped individuals will always perform poorly in their endeavors when they feel they are being stereotyped. Results from past studies have indicated that individuals experiencing stereotyping are more likely to be violent or hostile. Most of them have been proved to experience from lack of restraint and self-respect. It is also important to posit that individuals who are stereotyped find it very difficult to make effective or appropriate pronouncements in their activities. In addition, stereotyped individuals have been proved to have a higher risk of consuming high amounts of insalubrious types of foods. Even after stereotyping has been negated, the thought that a certain individual or group of individuals was stereotypic will still remain engraved in their minds for a very long time. ...
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