Life, legacy and leadership of luis farrakhan

Life, legacy and leadership of luis farrakhan Essay example
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Student name: Instructor name: Date due: Luois Farrakhan was born on 11 May 1933 as Louis Eugene Walcott, in Bronx, New York. Their mother in a highly disciplined and spiritual household in Boston, Massachusetts raised Louis and his brother Alvan. In childhood, the siblings learnt the value of work, responsibility and intellectual development with a string inclination on the plight of black people.


In February 1955, while attending a musical concert in Chicago, Louis was invited to attend the Nation of Islam Saviour Day Convention. In this convention, he discovered a different calling and following encouragement Malcolm X, he joined the Nation of Islam, an organization established in the 1930s by Elijah Muhammad. Louis rose through the hierarchy and was later bestowed the holy name, Farrakhan by the movement’s leader Muhammad. When Elijah Muhammad the founder died in 1975, the Nation of Islam went into organizational chaos and eventually fragmented. One of Muhammad’s sons brought the movement to the formal tenets and practices of Orthodox Islam. Farrakhan withdrew from this Islamic organization and re-established the old Nation of Islam in which he remained loyal to the precepts and practices of its former patriarch. Louis stepped into Muhammad’s leadership mantle where he remained fiery and outspoken on social, political, racial and religious issues. In my view, he carved himself into an image of a militant spokesman for the conservative black nationals. ...
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