Plato's Republic and Modern Day Totalitarian Politics - Term Paper Example

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Plato's Republic and Modern Day Totalitarian Politics

In the contemporary society, every individual identify themselves to political legitimacy while, elected leaders believe their election provides them with a political mandate, and also legitimacy. Conversely, authoritarian leaders or politicians believe their decisions is in line with citizen’s interest, and suggest their rule only prevails until the citizens can take over. Hence, when viewed in popular discourse, it can be said that authoritarians too claim that their legitimacy is depended on a popular mandate. Most leaders, and especially dictators often reiterate that their acts are not against the popular legitimacy. Plato is viewed as being anti-democracy, and among the originators of the school of thought of totalitarianism. Plato himself believed it is ideal to appoint one supreme guardian also referred to as, the philosopher king (Michels 522). This according to Plato should be individuals withholding proper education and is competent to implement legislative policies. Further, as reiterated by Plato, the philosopher king needs to be someone incorruptible as a result of his own desire being, knowledge. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Plato’s Republic and Modern Day Totalitarian Politics Prominent philosophers like Plato believe that democracy presents an inferior or a weaker structure of government. Democracy, on the other hand, often presents a dilemma for the present political philosophers since, most of these philosophers are either dismissive or out rightly hostile to the idea of democracy, viewed as a better form of governance…
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