Counseling women to get over cheating partner/ marital infidelity - Essay Example

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Counseling women to get over cheating partner/ marital infidelity

This paper shall discuss the counselling techniques in detail. “Marriage is the best thing in the whole world. It’s knowing that you have found your soulmate and you are forming your lives together.” These lines are from a poem written by Richard Neil Thompson from Canada. It also reflects what I strongly felt and believed through all these years. Little did I know that not everyone’s life has a fairy tale ending of being “Happily Ever After”. It was one fateful night when my whole world came crushing on me and then everything changed. I was supposed to travel for work that evening and would leave directly from office. However, due to bad weather the flight got cancelled so instead of going to the airport, I headed straight back home thinking of how I can utilize this bonus time with my hubby. Maybe we could watch one of his favorite movies or if my son would still be awake, maybe we could all do something together. I entered the house with my key like I usually do and first thing I see is a ladies handbag on the sofa. Half thinking, half hoping that it would be my sister-in-law (his sister), I go to my room only to find my husband with another woman in my bed. I can still remember the feeling of going numb at the very sight. It’s amazing how the brain stops functioning at times when you would want it to help you understand something more than what seemed possible. ...
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Getting over Infidelity Abstract This paper discusses the sensitive issue of marital infidelity. A cheating partner can inflict very traumatic feelings and the marriage can remain scarred forever even if it doesn’t break after the blow…
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