Decriminalization of Prostitution

Decriminalization of Prostitution Essay example
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Prostitution can be termed as a practice in sexual relations mainly done in promiscuity. Sex is mainly for money or other valuable things such as jewelry. The legality of prostitution varies in each country.


It is regarded as the world’s oldest professional, and it has global annual revenue of more than $100 billion. Prostitution is practiced in different ways. One and the oldest way are to sell it on the street, clubs, or pubs. This is mainly done by cheap prostitutes who will sell sex for loose change. Second way, is through brothels. A brothel is a dedicated room or building where prostitution takes place but in a civilized way. It is just the way you may go to a market and shop for groceries. The third one is escort prostitution, whereby a client can call a prostitute to his room or house. Escorts are also learned people and dress like a normal lady, and they can easily fit in a classy social event like for business or delegates events. There are three major terms that are usually discussed in this debate. Abolition: This is where a government comes up with a decision to abolish any form of prostitution. This includes the removal of any structure where prostitution is practiced. Legalization: this is when a government allows prostitutes to conduct their services like a normal business. However, the prostitutes have to be registered by the police and must follow the health policy for prostitution. ([Reynolds, H, (1985) the economics of prostitution, spring field, IL: C.C. Thomas.) Decriminalization: this is whereby the rules against prostitution are removed. Laws against pimping are also removed. With the removal of these laws, sex workers will now have the freedom of establishing their own associations and self help groups. ...
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