present savalescu's argument harmless wrogdoing using the nuclear acident case

present savalescu
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Essay, philosophy Savalescu, a bioethicist professor, supports the selection of best children by parents given all genetic information about the children. In this case, Savalescu supports the killing of embryos arguing that killing is not bad as long as it results to benefits to the living and to those at risk of dying.


The professor equates the case of the nuclear accident to selection of embryos otherwise referred to as procreative beneficence (Mills, 65). He argues that a poor country can invest in nuclear energy in order to provide heat and light. Nuclear energy then changes the citizen’s lifestyle since citizens can now enjoy their lives more by staying awake for longer periods. After sometime, a break down in the nuclear plant emits radiations to the environment and causes harm to the population. Majority of children born after the nuclear accident suffer pregnancy complications and physical abnormalities. Savalescu points out that objecting the nuclear accident is like admitting to harmless wrongdoing. He argues that children born after the nuclear accident would not have been born if the government did not invest in the nuclear plant. He argues that the nuclear accident was wrong but the population not severely harmed unless of death cases. According to Savalescu, if the population objected the accident then they have no right to object his concept of procreative beneficence. According to Holland (81), Savalescu justifies killing in order to save lives. ...
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