Rousseau:Discourse on the origin of inequality and Kant-Perpetual peace and other essays

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Name Instructor Course Date Rousseau The origin of the current society can be traced to some years back. The early man began in a state of nature where he was not in competition with anyone or anything for resources. In the past, the world had very few people who lived.


In addition, these people who lived stress less life had good morals and they were filled with pity, and thus they could not hurt one another (Kant et al 3). As time progressed, man began to change. As the number of people increased, the ways in which people could satisfy meet their daily needs changed. Because of the difficulties that people began experiencing, they started seeing each other and also began living together. They called these places communities because many people created large areas and made them settlements. They also continued working but they did so by dividing work between themselves. This they called it division of labour and it happened between small units of people which were known as families. Division of labour lead to invention of tools and other practices such as farming that made life easier. The fact that they worked and become tired led to the need for rest (Kant et al 4). They thus recognized the need to rest and work the following day, which they called leisure after sometime doing that. During leisure people began to talk about comparison between one community and another and also between themselves. This comparison brought about public values that led to shame and pride when one was told to be more superior to others. In addition a certain community was considered more powerful than others if they had more resources. ...
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