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Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Scientific Animal Research and Controversies Scientific animal research is the use of any other animal other than humans for experimental purposes. It involves observation, extraction of some cells from animals, and even induction of foreign material into their bodies.


This is in the research of cancer and genetic manipulation. They also have a ninety nine percent match genetically to humans. Cat use is mainly for neurological research while dogs are used in cardiology and joint structures. Invertebrates such as fish and worms are advantageous due to their short lifecycle (Abbott 144-145). In the previous century, a significant amount of medical experiments resulted from the use of animal experiments. This has sparked contention, with proponents of animal use in scientific research arguing that the positive effects outweigh the negative, while opponents argue the opposite. This paper seeks to show that the advantages of using animals for scientific research are more than disadvantages, especially if the proper ethical guidelines are followed to the letter. One of the most significant advantages supporting scientific research using animals is the fact that, it leads to the invention of fundamental medical solutions. For instance, the germ theory emerged by use of anthrax introduction to sheep. Further, in the treatment of diabetes, insulin was isolated from a dog, which led to the discovery of its treatment. Hormone discovery emerged from the use of dog experiments by Bayliss. This would have been impossible had scientists not experimented on animals. ...
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