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is violence necessary to maintain or have a moral society

Discussed in this paper are the differing standpoints with regard to the role of violence in maintaining a moral society. Violence is an immoral act Throughout the years, scholars struggled to explain the concept of morality. They tackled issues such as, “good and evil”, “origin of sin” among others in attempt to understand the complexity of morality. Pacifists view violence as an immoral act that results in further degradation of the society. Individuals with this standpoint believe in amicable resolution of conflicts whereby, opposing sides set their differences aside and work towards reaching a compromise. The process of conflict resolution is lengthy and riddled with many barriers; therefore, ensuring proper communication channels exist proves crucial in mitigating the conflict. Effective communication hinges on both parties listening to each other’s grievances without passing any judgment or exuding verbal or non-verbal mockery. It also entails developing sensitivity to each other’s cultural background whereby, each party must make a conscious effort to avoid using language and actions that are automatically perceived by the other party as overt disregard for their culture. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Is violence necessary to maintain or have a moral society? Introduction Whether violence is or is not necessary to maintain a moral society remains a contentious issue for most individuals. The disparity in people’s perception of violence results from their subjective conceptualization of its necessity…
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