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THE SURVIVAL LOTTERY" BY JOHN HARRIS Name Institution Survival for the lottery is an experiment suggested by philosopher John Harris in 1975 in the book “The Survival Lottery”. Its foundation to people was to picture if the donation of organs would be expected to save more individuals than it would kill1.


In this way, more lives would end up being rescued. Nevertheless, many philosophers deviate with the method of killing of one healthy man to save lives. John Harris had tried to imagine an environment where in case anyone was in need of any kind of transplant it could be easily and successfully done2. It does not have to take long while people are in search of the organ. This means no one will ever have to kick the bucket simply because the organ she or he needs seem not reachable in any part of the world. This was a radiant thought considered seriously since the majority will get saved from death, but the fact that one person’s life has to be killed, makes the idea rather inappropriate to be put into consideration. They believe in the existence of a moral difference between killing and leaving to die. They claim that the dying and the existence of a life should be chances that human needs not to interfere with, though they have a duty that makes endurance of the maximum numbers of lives possible while dealing with life. It is suggested that the institutions of survival lottery have not gone so far to mitigate the harmful side effects in terms of terror and distress of the victims. ...
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