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In Freud's view what is the difference between the ego, id and superego, and how do they interact? - Essay Example

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In Freud's view what is the difference between the ego, id and superego, and how do they interact?

The Id Freud conceptualizes the id in terms of uncoordinated instincts, and as the unorganized part of the personality structure, the id only contains basic instinctual drives, and is present from the time individuals are born (McLeod). The id is the origin of human needs, wants, desires, and impulses, especially the sexual and aggressiveness-related drives, and it is governed by the pleasure principle, which is the psychic force that arouses the tendency to seek the immediate gratification of impulses as soon as they emerge. The id encompasses the libido, the primary source of the instinctual force, and it seeks to avoid pain or un-pleasure aroused by the rise in instinctual forces; in this respect, the id demands immediate satisfaction. When individuals satisfy their needs or drives, they experience pleasure; however, since the id does not care about reality or the needs of other people but its own satisfaction, it is not a stable personality. The fact that the id is present right from birth implies that it encompasses all the inherited traits, and the minds of babies being purely id-oriented, it implies that the id is important in babies since it contains the life instincts that are very important for pleasurable survival. ...Show more


Instructor Date Interactions between the ego, id, and superego The ego, id, and super ego are components of the psychic apparatus defined by Freud in his structural model of the psyche (Nehrer 86); this theoretical construct explains the motivation of human psychology, and the organization of human feelings and thoughts…
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