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Name Date Professor’sName Course Section/# An Ethical Discussion of the Private Prison Industry The United States has more incarcerated people than any other country in the world ? as of 2011, over 2.3 million prisoners were locked up in local county jails and in state and federal prisons (Fisher 1).


This is obviously the wrong direction that the prison system is taking and represents an unethical way in which the offenders are being treated. Although the conditions in these prisons meet federal and local standards, the overall issue of human rights and equality is fundamentally flawed due to the fact that the people who are being locked away are not viewed with respect to how they should be punished or reformed; rather, they are only viewed with respect to the overall level of profitability that can be extracted from the state, regional, or federal government for their tenure in the penal system. The following analysis will discuss this to some length and highlight the unethical nature as well as some prescriptions for change that could be instituted in order to have a positive impact upon the current criminal justice system. The ethical issue that exists is the fact that the prisons and penal institutions within the United States are supposed to be interested only in punishing and rehabilitating the criminal. Instead, what is taking place throughout the country is a situation in which the prison complex itself is making a massive amount of money based upon the individuals that it incarcerates. ...
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