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Heterosexuals as such are justly given privileges that will offer them political power, religious sanction, sexual freedom, moral status, occupational and tax privileges, cultural validation, freedom to have and adopt children and raise families, recourse against unfair hiring practices psychiatric and juridical non-interference among others (Hopkins 95). Heterosexism does not have any emotional and rhetorical effect that is associated with homophobia. Heterosexism is the most appropriate term to be used in describing the reason as to why television couples are all straight. The reason as to why marriage and joint tax returns are only meant for heterosexuals, why lesbians and gays in the open cannot be elected to office? Why can heterosexuals be allowed to adopt children or be foster parents? On the contrary, heterosexism cannot be used to describe a case that happened in Texas where a group of ten teenagers stabbed a gay man to death. In respect to this, therefore, heterosexism are protected. The term c usually, the first term of binary is always good, but the second term is bad. Heterosexism builds concepts and behaviors to enable hierarchical heterosexist to react to binary hence becoming homophobic. It is not necessary that one should be white to be considered a racist same way heterosexists are perceived as homophobic (Hopkins 96). ...
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Name Professor Course Date 1. Explain Hopkins’ concept of heterosexism Heterosexism is also called homophobia. This is a case where gays, lesbians taking control in the society. Gays and lesbians have many terms such as homoerotophobia, homonegativism, homosexism, anti-homosexualism, homohatrated and anti-homosexuality…
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