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People believe that there are some things that only government can provide. Sheldon Richman, in his article ‘can the free market provide public education?’ argues that in fact, better and less expense education could be supplied by private enterprise.


People have for many times viewed the establishment of acts that govern critical aspects as the air pollution as the way forward, this, she has indicatively shown not be true by pointing out different perspectives. In the article indication of the words of Robert Crandall of the brooking institution; said, the pollution reduction in the 1960’s was more effective before there was serious federal policy. This then shows that the reduction of pollution has not been as from the effects of the government issues (Shaw, 2005).Another issue that Jane has brought in light is the misconceptions of the love canal. There was a major contamination problem that ensued from the chemical leakage to the people’s yard in the year 1978. The blame was made to the chemical industry that was responsible for the chemical content that was buried under these developments. The misconception here that Jane sheds light on is that the blame from this was supposed to be on the school that ignored the constant warnings from the Hooker chemical company. ...
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