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Movie Review example - Philosophies of leadership

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Movie Review
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PHILOSOPHIES OF LEADERSHIP Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Analysis of the movie Woodstock: Philosophies of Leadership The American Civil Rights Movement was the first of its kind in the late 1950s and 1960s representing a changing event in the history of the world…

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Most viewers during that time talked about the state of Mississippi as the most racially segregated and violent state in the US. These two aspects of racial segregation and prejudiced violence are clearly prevalent in the movie Woodstock. Philosophy of Nonviolence Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement came up with an idea of nonviolence as a weapon to destroy institutionalized racial segregation, isolation, and inequality. The same leaders later followed principles of Martin Luther King Jr. in restructuring rules of nonviolence and passive resistance. The civil rights leaders had taken long to realize that racial discrimination would not go any further to maintaining their power and authority over the black population. Consequently, they conceived notions of counteractive mechanisms regarding the violent state of affairs in 1960s. According to Warner (2004), advocates of nonviolence thought that some pivots might be made if the needed number of people from the Southwest could be invited and integrated into the struggle. Philosophy of Hippi Subculture Based on the movie, one can acknowledge the fact that Hippi culture propagated liberalism in the society. The hippie code said "Do your own thing any time you feel like and from anywhere”. In addition, principles of the same subculture asserted that one was free to change to anything but leaving the rest of the society in its natural form. ...
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