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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Genetic Experiments Introduction Genetics: Genetics is the study of modern sciences which provides information on how characteristics of parents are passed to their generation by genes. Genes are minor part of DNA which is found in our cells.


Science claims that these changes are due to genes which are present in our cells. In order to find out how these changes are made, scientists carry out various tests with the help of cells and genes ( 1). These tests are called genetic experiments. Many different tests in this regard are been carried out in order to enhance the study of genes. Science has modified and now they are even able to create a life in laboratory or even clone living things. Whether these kinds of tests and experiments should be done or not, is an altogether a very argumentative topic thus people across the world have different views regarding it where some believe that there is no harm in it on the other hand others believe it to be prohibited. The study discusses the three common and controversial experiments ahead (Lederberg 519) Creation of Human Life Dr. Craig Venter and his team conducted an experiment in which they created an entirely new chromosome with the help of non-natural DNA which was made from chemicals. They transmitted this DNA in to a cell and observed that it was multiplying giving a real life evidence of it to be alive. This experiment was questioned by various scientists and Professors of various fields. ...
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