reflecting on a moral problem ( affirmative action)

reflecting on a moral problem ( affirmative action) Essay example
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Student’s Name: Professor's Name: Affirmative Action (a reflection on a moral problem) – PHI 1700 13 December 2013 Introduction Affirmative action came out of the efforts by proponents and advocates in the Civil Rights Movement to ensure what they had fought for will find concrete manifestation in real acts to end discrimination.


Other countries similarly enlightened adopted the same principles of this affirmative action law but termed it differently, such as “positive discrimination” in the United Kingdom in which discrimination was given a positive and beneficial connotation or in Canada where it is called as employment equity to mean everybody has equal chances at getting employed if a person has the same qualities, qualifications, credentials, and capabilities as another person. In all these countries, the main idea was to take positive action that will equalize everybody. In reference to the Women's Liberation Movement (or feminism for short), the same laws in principle were adopted and likewise applied to women to have the same opportunities as men. Some countries adopted a different system altogether such as using quotas to allocate a certain number of slots to members of some minority groups. The same idea of affirmative action was soon introduced to schools and universities in admitting students for enrollment. In this paper, it will be argued how procedural affirmative action is the better of the two variants. ...
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